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Horse Racing Systems And Tools Showroom

This page is dedicated to horse racing betting systems and tools. If you are looking for the very best systems to help you to profit from your own betting activities, then you need look no further.

In order to profit from horse racing betting, we believe that you simply must bet on horses at a price that is offering value. By value we mean that the odds you can get are higher than the horse's true probability of winning. It is no good taking bet after bet at 6/1 when the true odds should have been 7/1. You will simply lose money over time. If however you can get odds of 6/1 on a number of horses when their true odds should have been 9/2 or less then you will win money by simply backing as many of them as you can. The only real exception to this value rule is if you are lucky enough to work in a racehorse stable or have access to insider information.

The products we list here are ones that we can recommend based upon their ability to highlight such value horses. In most cases we have used them or indeed still utilise them as part of our own betting strategies.

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Value Horse Method VHM Image
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RATING: 5 Star Rating Image

WE SAY: If your looking to find many horses each day that are offering superb value then the Racing Synergy Horse Racing Betting Software is for you. Perfect for backers, and traders alike.

Review Button ImageRacing Synergy Review


RATING: VHM 5 Star Rating

WE SAY: Superb Horse Racing Betting Method. This is our favourite system for profiting from horse racing. Highly recommended.

Review Button ImageVHM Review

NAME: Bookie Basher System

RATING:5 Star Rating Image

WE SAY: This is a professional betting system with software which shows you how to bet on value horses and win!

This system is very logical and simple to follow. It uses sound market reasoning to produce steady profits over time. We personally use this approach on a regular basis.

Comes highly recommended.


Horse Racing System:

Racing System Details:

Racing Synergy Small Image

Review Rating: 5 Star Rating Image

Product Name: Racing Synergy - Horse Racing Betting Software


They Say: If you are serious about making your betting pay then you have come to the right place.

Combining a decade of real "in the trenches" betting expertise with over 20 years of cutting-edge software development, the Betting Automation team are in a class of their own when it comes to delivering state of the art software that will transform your betting.

I Say: Racing Synergy is a high quality horse racing betting software tool that highlights many horses each day that are offering great value. It's by the team who brought you the Value Horse Method (VHM) which as you probably already know is a system I praise very highly. If you like to bet a horse at 10/1 when its true price is 8/1 or back a horse at 25/1 when its correct price is 20/1, then well done as you are likely to be a very successful bettor and YOU WILL LOVE RACING SYNERGY !

Racing Synergy is a superb tool for selecting such horses and therefore is perfect for serious bettors. Because it highlights horses that are of a higher price than they should be it also makes a PERFECT TOOL FOR ARBITRAGE Betting as the prices almost always shorten by the off. A very special betting tool that any serious horse racing bettors will find of great help.

Racing Synergy is a Software implementation of the highly regarded BetSynergy manual that regular visitors to my site will know I hold in high regard. Simply because its the reason I have been able to take over £40,000 in clear tax free profit for each of the past 4 years. Racing Synergy has just made the process a whole lot easier for me by automatically finding all the value horses I used to have to manually located using the BetSynergy method.

I recommend you download a copy now. You can purchase a 1 week licence at a low cost should you prefer to try for yourself before committing to a longer licence period.

Still undecided, then take a look at my full review of racing synergy software:-

Small Oval Review Image Click for Full Review of The Racing Synergy Horse Racing Betting Software

Value Horse Method VHM Image

Review Rating: 5 Star Rating Image

Product Name: The Value Horse Method (VHM)


They Say: Have you ever thought how satisfying it would be to have a method of selecting horses that consistently produces profit, month after month. How good would it feel to know that the odds compilers are powerless to protect themselves from your selections? If you want to make that dream become a reality you need the Value Horse Method©. This low-risk betting method is not only unique, it is also bullet-proof and market-resistant.

After purchasing The Value Horse Method© (VHM©) you will say goodbye to gambling and hello to investment.

I Say: The Value Horse Method (VHM) offers you a low risk high reward method of betting on horses and if you are a regular visitor to my site, you will already know that it is one of my favourite products by far. It is NOT complicated to follow, the method is very well documented and the number of 'real life' examples given has to be seen to believed.

I have been using the VHM for over a year now and have never failed to make a profit on any given month. In fact, I regularly return a profit of over £3000 per month based on simple £100 bets.

Small Oval Review Image Click for Full Review of The Value Horse Method VHM

Big Race Bookie Basher large banner

Review Rating: 5 Star Rating Image

Product Name: The Big Race Bookie Basher


(NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SALE - BetShowroom can recommend 'Racing Synergy' as the perfect alternative to the BigRace Bookie Basher)

They Say: The Big Race Bookie Basher leads you by the hand to show you when you should bet, which races you should bet on and which horses in those races are the really good value horses.

This is all about you betting when the odds are in your favour and not in the bookie's favour. This is about keeping your powder dry and firing when you know it makes sense and not when the bookmaker wants you to.

I Say: I use the Basher on a weekly basis as part of my betting arsenal. It uses sound logic in order to take advantage of value odds that are often available throughout the day with traditional bookmakers.

It focuses on a particular type of race of which there are usually at least 5 race qualifiers a day. (a lot more in the busy summer months).

This product is perfect for those of you looking for a simple but effective way to profit from horse racing on a long term basis.