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Horse Racing LAY Betting Showroom. Lay to Lose. Horse Laying.

This showroom is dedicated to Horse Racing Lay Betting. Laying a horse is often referred to as betting like a bookmaker, however this is not strictly true as a bookmaker has to price up every horse in a race, whereas the betting exchanges give us the HUGE advantage of being able to LAY just 1 horse !

The best laying systems use this to your advantage and can be very profitable. If your looking for a quality lay betting system then take a look at the following...

Horse Racing Icon Image Bet Showrooms Highly Recommended Lay Betting Systems.

Racing Secrets Exposed Image
False Favourites Laying Image

SITE: racingsecretsexposed

RATING: Racing Secrets Exposed 4 Star Rating

WE SAY: Site looks nice and product is backed with a number of testimonials. Comes with a 8 week money back guarantee to protect your investment


RATING: False Favourites 4.5 Star Rating

WE SAY: A very long ebook at over 200 pages, but packed with loads of useful information as well as a system for profiting from laying false favourites. A fair bit of work involved to find selections but well worth the time and investment. It's low cost and comes with a money back guarantee.


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Racing Secrets Laying System

Rating: 4 star rating

Racing Secrets Exposed Guarantee

Product Name: Racing Secrets Exposed. The Definitive Guide To Laying Horses


They Say: Finally A Professional Gambler Exposes The Betting Secrets They Wanted To Keep Quiet......Get Ready For The Most Powerful Betting Manual Ever Released.

"The Most Complete and Comprehensive Horse Racing Betting Blueprint EVER created!"

I Say: This book concentrates on the skill of laying favourites for profits. This might sound like a risky business but its well known that a lot of short priced favourites actaully lose ! Only around 30 - 40% win.

This system sets out to show you how to profit from such losing horses!

A FREE 7 day betting ecourse is available to you via the home page. Also, there are some useful testimonials to help you to decide whether or not to purchase the guide.

A Full 8 week 100% money back guarantee is provided to protect your investment!

False Favourites Laying System

Rating: False Favourites 4.5 star review rating

False Favourites Horse Laying System Guarantee

Product Name: False Favourites - Guaranteed System to Identify Losing Horses


They Say: *betfair Accredited Trainer* Reveals Why... Picking Losing Favourites Consistently Isn't The Walk In The Park So Called Experts Are Claiming...It's Based Around Proven Statistics And Having Access To The Very Best System.

I Say: This is a very comprehensive package at a stupidly low cost. It is a system for selecting 'false favourites' to lay on the betting exchanges. E.g. Betfair. Its a huge resource at over 200 pages in length and is packed with useful information about horse racing as well as the actual system.

It also comes complete with bonuses and a money back guarantee